It’s not the plan you work out, but the plan you work on.

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Execution is everything when it comes to your financial security.

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Understanding what really matters to you, through all of your life stages.

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Active and proactive planning brings financial success and well-being.

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Your life doesn’t conveniently fit someone else’s mould.
How could your financial plan?

Scott Robertson

Founder, Tasman

How do you feel when you consider these questions about your current financial plan?


Are my objectives being listened to?


Is the advice I am being given un-biased and free of conflicts of interest?


Do I have the active support and guidance to implement my plan?


Are our plans adjusted over time for the changes in our goals, objectives, and the fluctuations in the economy?


helping clients
build wealth


for better decision


for financial
peace of mind


you can trust
with your financial future

I very highly recommend Scott. He can really help make sure your financial situation is on track, especially as your personal financial manager.

- TASMAN client
since 1985

Scott has worked with me through different life stages, from mortgages, kids, school, to retirement and now my own consulting business.

- TASMAN client
since 1985

With all the demands I have in the rest of my life, it is nice to know my finances are under such good control.

- TASMAN client
since 1986

Scott is very good at making you understand the implications of your spending habits and how much you really need to retire comfortably.

- TASMAN client
since 1988

It’s unique in the industry to have that level of reporting and understanding adding to your comfort level.

- TASMAN client
since 1999