An informed and integrated approach to financial security.

You are busy with work, family and other obligations. What you need is a partner with a proven track record who will proactively analyze your situation, guide you and monitor the progress, as your trusted advocate in all matters related to your financial security. This takes the burden off your shoulders and keeps your other advisors informed and aligned with each other. Scott applies his experience since 1982 in financial wealth management to serve you in this capacity. He works with everyone in your existing network – your banker, insurance broker, investment counsellor, accountant and lawyers.

Four Steps to financial peace of mind

Step 1:

Understand your objectives

When we meet with you, we discuss what is important to you and your family and begin to assemble the financial strategies that will help to achieve your objectives.

Step 2:

Deliver unbiased advice

We map out a financial strategy that is based on your current situation and includes your advisors in their respective roles. This establishes the roadmap that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. We ensure the right questions are asked on your behalf before any financial decisions are made. And we help you systematically consider the alternatives and their impact.

Step 3:


Once we have defined your plan, execution is key. We work with your advisors to ensure things get done. This includes proactively implementing many of your financial decisions to minimize the burden on you. Throughout this process, we are also expanding your knowledge base, to empower you to ask the right questions and make more informed decisions.

Step 4:

Monitor, report, adjust

We help you stay the course, by managing and developing your financial plan through regular detailed reporting and comprehensive updates over time. If something needs to change, we will always be ready to sit down and help you arrive at the decision that best serves your interests.

You can trust Tasman to provide you with unbiased and unvarnished advice on what course corrections are required. Should you decide that a change is needed with one of your existing advisors, we will make impartial recommendations for alternatives.

We are here to help you achieve your financial goals.

Sharleen Young

Senior Client Support